Montreal, Canada (BBN)-Can you imagine what it would be like if someone captured every single day of years and years of your life – hundreds of looks, myriad moods, countless moments and a multitude of memories – all put together in a two-minute video?
This is what it would look like – a young man from Montreal has done exactly this, reports the NDTV.
Hugo Cornellier, 20, began taking a selfie of himself every day since he was 12-years-old.
The ongoing project began in 2008 and has continued for eight years now.
Mr Cornellier has this stunning time-lapse video to show for it.
The video, shared on May 10, combines the thousands of selfies taken by the computer science and math student.
It captures the journey Mr Cornellier made from a pre-teen to a 20-year-old.
His video chronicles the time he began dating, then broke up, his first part time job, his first day in college, the time he got a piercing and many more such moments that make for some beautiful, some heartbreaking memories.
He’s literally managed to capture each day of his life since and turned it into a little movie to cherish forever.
Of course the process took time, hard work and commitment.
“Stabilizing all my selfies was by far the most time-consuming personal project I have ever undertaken. I’ve had to edit, align and re-touch every single photo ONE-by-ONE. It took me about a minute per photo once I got the hang of it (and there are well over 2000 photos),” he says on YouTube.
“The project is now everything I want it to be. See y’all at the 10 year mark,” he added.