India police Photo: The Hindu
New Delhi (BBN)-There has been a rise in traffic violations such as speeding, driving without licence and smoking while driving, according to figures released by the Delhi traffic police this year.
According to the data, a 20-25 per cent increase in overall traffic violations has been witnessed this year, reports the India today.

In 2014, the traffic police had challaned 4,45,303 people while the number increased to 5,70,143 till February 15 this year.
On an average, the traffic police challaned 500 people per hour.
Less amount of fine has been attributed to one of the reasons for increase in traffic violations.
Surprisingly, for the first time, the traffic police have seen a large number of women involved in violations such as speeding.
In 2014, only one woman was challaned for speeding while this year, the figure increased to 25.
The police said the total number of people challaned for speeding has gone up by almost three times since last year.
The traffic police challaned only 12,064 people in 2014, but this year, 37,523 motorists were challaned for speeding.
“We have recently started various drives and also punched their licences. For speeding, 955 licences were punched. We have also planned various traffic drives for different occasions,” Special Commissioner (Traffic) Muktesh Chander told MAIL TODAY.
This year, about 5,500 people were challaned on Holi, half the number from last year.
Of the total figure, about 1,100 were prosecuted for drunk driving.

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