Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – Sheepa Hafiza, Director of BRAC’s Gender, Justice and Diversity and Advocacy for Social Change Unit, was appointed member of the advisory council of United Nation’s Peacebuilding Fund (UNPBF).

She has been appointed by the UN Secretary General Ban ki-moon. This group will advise the Secretary General from time to time on how to allocate its $350 million fund for Peacebuilding purposes, a press statement said.

Ms Hafiza has been selected for BRAC’s outstanding contribution to peace building activities in some eight countries through Peacebuilding Commission.

BRAC has been involved in peacebuilding efforts in many countries and Ms Hafiza is the part of the largest non-governmental organisation and an expert on gender mainstreaming and gender justice, the Secretary General appointed her a member of the PBF Advisory Group. This is the first time any Bangladeshi has been appointed to such an important advisory group. The UNPBF Advisory Group was set up in 2006.

In the recent years, the UN is putting more focus on peacebuilding, mostly in post-conflict countries. Peacebuilding involves engagement of educators and trainers, microcredit experts, community health professionals, lawyers and attorneys, police forces, gender mainstreaming experts, election professionals, agriculture farmers, construction firms, NGO organisers, capacity building professionals, administrative reform, banking and management experts. It also involves income generating activities and job creation at the ground level.

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