Washington, US (BBN)-The US has expressed concern over the presence of “Islamic State” in Bangladesh after the dreaded militant group claimed responsibility for several terror attacks in the country, including murder of an Italian aid worker.
Bangladeshi police had on Monday arrested four persons for their alleged involvement in the murder of an Italian aid worker here. Reports the PTI.
“We certainly note with concern ISIS’s claim of responsibility for the attack. We take those claims seriously,” the State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Monday.
Kirby was responding to questions about ISIS claim of a few terrorist activities in Bangladesh, including killing of an Italian aid worker.
“We’re working closely with the Government of Bangladesh and key partners to assess who is responsible for these attacks and to help bring them to justice,” he said.
According to the State Department spokesman, it is difficult to say the degree to which ISIS is operating in Bangladesh.
Another attack with improvised grenades on a Shiite procession in the old part of Dhaka on Saturday was carried out by the ISIS.
“I’m not at a position where I can make that determination. But there’s an investigation going on right now that we want to – if there’s a need to be helpful, we want to be helpful,” he said.
“It’s by law enforcement authorities there in Bangladesh to confirm responsibility. It’s up to them to do this. But I think it’s prudent for us to take ISIL claims seriously, and we do,” Kirby said.