New Delhi, India (BBN)-Most of the time, when we think of interior decoration, we only have the aesthetics in mind and so, whatever- according to our sensibilities- looks the most appealing to us, goes into the decor scheme.
But psychologists, vaastu consultants, feng shui experts and colour therapists say that the colours you are using in your house could have a profound effect on your emotional state, reports the TNN.
Colours could actually be used like a tool to leverage one’s behaviours and emotions.
Colours schemes that work best
Dr Snehal Deshpande, vaastu and feng shui professional consultant states, “The year 2004 was a year when a lot of energy changes happened. So people who have homes made that year of after, should follow a certain theme. Even if you have done a renovation after 2004, including changing the floor of the house etc., you should follow this — use a light coloured theme in the entire house.”
Senhal suggests, “Off-whites, a touch of pink or peach should be used extensively. You could also opt for metallic colours like gold and silver.”
If one feels angry and irritated most of the time they should opt for whites and gold to experience peace of mind.
Colours can clam you down
Seema Hingorrany, clinical psychologist says, “I have had depression patients who have changed their house colours and reported to have felt much better. Subtle colours have a deep impact on the psyche and they play an important role in helping to calm you down completely.”
What you need to avoid
Dark heavy colours like dark pink, dark violet, dark peach, dark green provokes the fire element in the house and hence should be avoided. Painting your walls only with browns should be avoided.
Try these remedies
* There are some homes that have a lot of fire experiences like bursting or breaking of bulbs, pressure cooker bursts etc., they should use a combination of browns and dark blues to calm down the fire element.
* If there are too many disputes and fights in the house you must a bunch of have fresh or artificial pink flowers. You could also use violet flowers or a combination of pink and violet flowers.
* If you feel irritable and angry in rooms that have very bright colours you could switch to light coloured rooms. Paint the walls in light shades of whites.