Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – Prices of some commodities including vegetables, fish, coarse rice and lentil witnessed a fresh hike while that of onion maintained the earlier high trend, traders said.
They also expressed fear that the uncertain political situation might disrupt the supply chain causing serious sufferings to the consumers.

They said the short supply of vegetables after the Eid is responsible for the price hike of some of the items. The price situation may deteriorate further if the three-day strike is observed by the opposition from Sunday.

Prices of vegetables witnessed a hike by BDT 5-10 per kg. Brinjal was selling at BDT 50-60 per kg, bitter gourd at BDT 60, lady's finger at BDT 50, green chilli at BDT 100-120, tomato at BDT 120, cucumber at BDT 40-60, carrot at BDT 50-60, a small-size cabbage and cauliflower at BDT 30-40, green papaya at BDT 25-30 per kg.

The retail prices of local onion remained unchanged and it was selling between BDT 90 and BDT 100 per kg in the market.

Prices of imported pulses of different varieties ranged from BDT 80 to BDT 125 per kg while the local variety was sold at BDT 105-110, up by BDT 5 a kg.

A dozen of eggs sold at BDT 85 –BDT 90.

Prices of rice remained more or less steady except the coarse variety which was sold at BDT 34-35 per kg, up by BDT 1-2 per kg.

The prices of fish are slightly high due to shortage of supply compared with the previous week. A kg of ruhi and katla sold at BDT 220-BDT 300, koi at BDT 180-BDT 220, boal at BDT 350 to BDT 400, local shing at BDT 500-BDT 700, local magur at BDT 600 to 700, shoul at BDT 300-BDT 350 while shrimp ranged between BDT 300 and BDT 1,000 depending on size.

A kilo of hilsa ranged between BDT 750 and BDT 850 while a piece weighing 600 to 700 grams ranged between BDT 350 and BDT 400.

BBN/SSR/AD-26Oct13-12:56 pm (BST)