California, US (BBN)-June is an important month for star-gazers and two of the most important planets Jupiter and Venus are set to converge in a very close encounter.

According to this report on the NASA website, “every night in June, the separation between Venus and Jupiter will visibly shrink.”

On June 18, the difference between the two planets will be only 6 degrees and on June 19, the Moon will join the show. According to NASA, the Moon, Venus and Jupiter will form a a bright isosceles triangle in the sunset sky. In an Isosceles triangle, two sides are of the same length, reports The Indian Express.

On June 20, NASA says, the vertices will rearrange themselves and form another “isosceles triangle”. NASA’s advice look out in the west once the sun is down and get your hands on a telescope if you can because that is the best way of catching this rare sky show.

As NASA says Venus and Jupiter are so bright in the sky, you will see them shining in the sky even before the sun is down.  The main event occurs on June 30 and according to NASA that night the difference between Venus and Jupiter is 1/3rd of a degree apart, which is “less than the diameter of a full Moon”.