Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – Once the garment sector safety initiatives initiated by two buyer groups, the Accord and the Alliance expires in July 2018, they are likely to be replaced by a new programme named ‘Version 2.0’.
The new programme comprising the government, BGMEA, ILO, trade unions and global brands, is expected to also include sustainabledevelopment goals in the agenda, reports Fibre2Fashion
However, when Version 2.0 comes into effect, BGMEA has proposed deletion of the ‘legally binding’ terminology, which is present in the articles of the Accord and the Alliance.
In October 2015, BGMEA had set up a taskforce to develop a strategy that can be implemented once the term of the Accord and the Alliance ends.
The taskforce has recommended that a steering committee of Version 2.0 should be constituted with representations from BGMEA, ILO, Department of Inspection For Factories and Establishments, trade unions and brands.
The BGMEA draft proposal has suggested that for the initial period between June 2018 and June 2020, signatory buyers will continue their contributions, but will be reduced by 50 per cent of the yearly amount, that these buyers have been paying to the Accord and the Alliance since 2013.
According to BGMEA, they have suggested the reduction, as a vast majority of remediation would have been completed, while only some follow up would be needed in 2018.