New Delhi, India (BBN)-When most people hold a pudgy, bright-eyed baby in their arms, they think about how cute the he/she is, how nice they smell, how cute their smile is.
Not National Geographic’s Emmy-nominated host Jason Silva though, reports the NDTV.
When the Brain Games host holds a baby in his arms, he waxes eloquent about the “miracle of life”.
In a Facebook video which has been viewed over 19 million times, has 2.2 lakh likes and 2.1 lakh shares, Jason presents a “captivating imagining of a baby’s mind”.
Looking the baby in her eye, as if explaining all this to her, he describes her as “a steak with a brain”, “a wetware Android”, an “actual piece of divine miracle” and more.
“Somehow, like, literally, a piece of software melded together, fused and then like, it started to turn itself into like a living, breathing, you know, like a steak with a brain. You are meat. You grew up inside your mother. You’re like a wetware Android,” he tells her.
There you have it parents.
The next time your kids ask you how they came into being, this is what you tell them.

But baby is why this video is hilarious and takes equal credit for its viral worthiness as Jason Silva.
Staring unblinkingly at him, baby looks like she’s actually getting his erudition, processing every word that’s being said to her filing away for use later.
No wonder he tells her this: “Looking into your eyes actually feels like looking at a galaxy.”
It may take you a few watches to really grasp what Jason is saying, because baby’s cuteness will totally distract you from ‘wetware Android.”