New Delhi, India (BBN)-Winter is the time when girls love doing up their lips in those bold, mutinous shades such as blood red or delicious Bordeaux.
But a perfect pout means well-taken-care-of-lips, reports the Hindustan Times.
The skin of our lips don’t ­contain any oil glands, so it becomes more prone to ­dryness and lack of humidity during winter, only making them dehydrated, dry and chapped lips.
Here are some easy tips to get rid of cracked and dry lips.
1. Cracked lips often indicate Vitamin B2 deficiency. So, take Vitamin B2 supplements and also food items that are rich in this vitamin. Major sources of Vitamin B2 are almonds, eggs, nuts, dairy products, green leafy ­vegetables, mushrooms, ­soybeans, sprouts and whole grains.
2. Some people have the ­tendency of biting and ­licking their lips constantly, which in turn make the lips drier and moisture-less and also results in bleeding lips. Therefore, one should avoid doing this.
3. Always use a SPF protected lip balm and carry it along with you. Apply it on your lips whenever your lips feel dry. Choose a lip balm with jojoba oil, Vitamin E and shea butter if you have extra dry lips.
4. Once in a week, exfoliate your lips with a good scrub to get rid of dead cells. Use a home-made scrub such as a sugar and honey scrub. Take equal amount of sugar and honey, mix well and apply it on your lips. After scrubbing, use a good lip balm on your lips. This will surely make your lips extra smooth and soft.
5. If you have the habit of smoking, quit it for the sake of your lips. This is one of the major reasons behind cracked and dry lips.
6. Apply honey or ghee ­during night before hitting the bed.
7. Try to avoid excessive use of lipstick, as colours can often damage your lips in the long run. Instead of using ­lipsticks on a daily basis, opt for lip balms or just put a ­little gloss on your lips. It moisturises as well as ­protects your lips from ­drying out.
8. Avoid too much of tea and coffee, as it results in ­dehydration and leads to dry and chapped lips. Go for green tea and plain water instead.
9. Never touch your lips too much or try taking off those skin flakes from your lips. It aggravates the problem of chapped lips and makes them prone to infection. Keep your hands away from your lips, as it transfers germs and ­bacteria.