When I was a Kid, Buying a half Kg cake was a big deal for us. Like every mother, My mother wants me to eat healthy and try all the flavors of life which she can buy for me but she can make for me at home.
It may not taste same but anything and everything that a mother makes is full of love and Taste, according to the Warmrecipe.com.
But now, we have grown up, things have changed, we buy and eat from outside without knowingly that is it healthy for us or not?
So here, I would like to present a home made, healthy sweet dish at least for those kids who hate having fruits.
Fruit cake 1 pack
Amul Cream
Mango- Chopped
Milk- Cold
Parle G biscuits

Grind biscuits with hand to make a fine powder and melted butter about 2 tsp in it. Mix it well
In a pudding pan add the above mixture and spread it finely in the pan to cover the base of the pan equally. this will acts as the crust of the pudding.
Dip britannia cake in cold water and squeez between the palms to remove extra milt from it.
Make sure the cake should not break but shout be flattened to forrm a thin layer over the crust in pudding pan.
Cover the biscuit crust with cake layer repeating the above step till it covers the crust.
With the help of spoon pour and spread thick cream to form another layer of cream
Now form a layer of chopped mangoes over the creamy layer
Now again form a layer of cake by repeating step 3, 4,and 5.
again pour cream and spread it all over the cake layer.
Now again form a layer of chopped mangoes.
This is how we will form layers.
Last but not the least add cream unevenly on the mango layer.
Now put the pudding pan in refrigerator for about 1 to half hour
after 1 and half hour cut the pudding in triangle pieces or shape u want to serve.