Dhaka, Bangladesh (BBN) – The Dow erased all 2009 losses early in the week, rising to 8,799.26 to post a 0.3 percent gain this year.  

The index declined through the rest of the week on fluctuations in commodity prices, bank credit ratings downgrades and rising Treasury yields.

The Dow closed out the week at 8,497.18 for a loss of 241.84 points (2.84 percent) below last week.  The NASDAQ declined to 1,808.06, losing 45 points or 2.4 percent over the week.

The Nikkei rose above the 10,000 mark early in the week, closing at 10,135.82 on stronger fundamentals out of Asian markets.  

Gains in JPY against USD saw the index decline, as the stronger currency signified losses for Japanese exporters.  The Nikkei closed Thursday at 9,703.72, 2.8 percent below last week.

The BSE Sensex lost 1,145.94 points or 7.5 percent over the week, closing at 14,265.53 compared to last week’s 15,411.47.

The Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) General Index closed Thursday at 2,807.57 for a weekly gain of 60.30 points or 2.2 percent.  

BBN/SS/SSR/AD-19June09-12:31 pm (BST)