Pennsylvania, US (BBN)-It has been shown that regular aluminum foil is not only suited for preparation or wrapping of food, but it is also great for healing certain health conditions.

If you have pains in your neck, back, shoulders, knees, or in your feet, then you should put aluminum foil in that area. To your surprise, after a certain period of time your pain will disappear, the Feel Healthy Life.

The point is that the biological pathways that pass through our organism in the biologically active center reflect themselves and return back to the meridian from which they have emerged. This soothes the affected organ, with which the meridian is connected.

Thus you will easily get rid of the pains you’ve felt for so long. This quite interesting way of healing pains has been practiced by Chinese and Russian healers since long time, and it is also described in the works of psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich, a member of the second generation of psychoanalysts after Sigmund Freud.


Take a piece of regular aluminum foil, put it on the affected area and fix it with a bandage. This type of healing with aluminum foil is practiced for all types of pains, back pains, pains in arms, legs, ankles, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, heel pains, salt deposit, and others.

Postsurgical scars, in the place of surgical cuts, can also be healed in this way. Great results can be achieved in the curing of gout.

Chinese therapy with aluminum foil is recommended to be practiced in a period of 10-12 days. Each day, place a piece of aluminum foil onto the affected area and fix it with bandage. Leave it on either for a whole night or a whole day. After a period of 10-12 days, make a pause of 1-2 weeks then repeat the treatment if needed.

The aluminum foil has a powerful anti-inflammatory effect. With the help of it you can also treat common cold.  For this use, you should wrap your feet with 5-7 layers of aluminum foil and in between each layer you should put a piece of paper or cotton fabric.

Keep this overlay on for around 1 hour, then remove it and repeat the procedure again after 2 hours. Make a pause for another 2 hours, then repeat the procedure for a third time. You should practice this treatment for a week.