The woman first fell from the ninth floor of the building and landed on a ledge on the second floor

Yanshou , China (BBN) – A woman suffered a terrifying fall from the 9th floor of a multi-storey hotel in China, only to fall for a second time. Incredibly, she survived the entire ordeal.

On December 7, a guest staying at a hotel in North China’s Yanshou county fell from the 9th floor of the building. It’s not clear what caused the fall, but the woman landed on a ledge on the second floor, reports NDTV.

Injured but alive, the woman somehow dragged herself to the edge of the ledge.
Then, she fell again.

But luckily for her, a crowd was waiting below, ready to catch her. Police and emergency services waiting on the scene rushed her to the hospital. Her condition was said to be stable, reported CGTN.

The incident was filmed by an onlooker.