Youngstown, US (BBN) – Heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the US, but most women are waiting too long to get screened for heart health.
On average, a woman dies every minute of every day from heart disease, reports WKBN.
The best prevention is to get screened and know your risk factors.
A new survey out shows that most women don’t know when to get screened or how often, and they’re getting started 10 years too late.
The American Heart Association recommends women begin screening for heart health by age 20.
A national survey done by Orlando Health shows that most women think you shouldn’t start screenings until your 30s.
Even though heart disease affects men, too, it’s especially important for women wanting to get pregnant.
“Many people believe it is a disease that mostly affects men, however, women are equally affected. In fact, we have been dying more of heart disease than men,” said Dr Maria Carolina Demori.
Just like any disease, early detection is key.
The recommended screenings for women to start by age 20 are blood pressure, cholesterol, body weight and waist circumference.
You should also talk with your doctor about physical activity, diet and smoking habits.
“We need more education. We need to educate our young people, our children that this is not something you are going to wait until you are 40 to start screening, start preventing,” Demori said.
Gender, age, and heredity are also risk factors.