Los Angels, US (BBN)-Girls star and creator Lena Dunham has no interest in taking roles in movies and other projects directed by men once her hit TV show ends.
Dunham is looking forward to stepping behind the camera to write and direct roles for women after Girls wraps next year, reported Contactmusic, reports the PTI.
“I don’t have a case of great man syndrome. The be all and end all for me wouldn’t be, like, if a dude called me up and said, ‘It’s finally your time’
“It sounds so tiring to get bossed around by a dude for six months, it’s almost inconceivable. I just want to write and direct and create opportunities for other women,” Dunham said at the Power Women Breakfast in New York on Thursday.
She feels she will “never have an experience like” she has had working on her show ever again, but she is passionate about moving on to new things geared towards women.
“There is such a dearth of roles for women, I would like to be the person that brings more of those.”