California, US (BBN) – About two weeks ago, a seemingly regular picture of a bunch of friends hanging out together baffled people online.
The reason? While the photo showed six women, only five pairs of legs were visible, reports NDTV.
Now, a similar image of a young woman sitting on the floor has emerged and this too is driving people crazy.
Can you figure out what’s wrong with this picture?
There’s a reason it’s going viral.
Shared on Imgur by user AMassiveTRexHoldingaBaby, the image appears to be a repost.
Since being shared yesterday on the photo sharing site, it has collected over 1.7 lakh views and several comments.
While the picture shows a woman sitting comfortably on the floor, it’s hard to miss that she appears to have not two but three legs. Say what?
The picture is also accompanied by this text: “Legit had to stare at this pic for a full minute before my brain told me what was going on.” Let’s see how long it takes you.
Did you figure out the problem?
And more importantly, have you managed to figure out the solution?
A lot of people on Imgur seemed to have been stumped by what they saw.
“After several very confusing minutes I still don’t know what is happening here,” said one commenter. “Omg I’ve seen this so many times and I Finally figured it out,” said another. “Wow those were the hardest seconds of thought i have ever faced,” one Imgur user said. “This hurt my brain,” complained another.
For many others, it was a no brainer.
“7 seconds… tops,” said one commenter. “A minute??? Took me about 2 seconds….. Fooled by a meme, shame,” said another.
Here’s the answer – the woman in the picture does not really have three legs, obviously.
She’s only holding onto a brown vase that looks weirdly like her leg.