Kejriwal Bhusan

New Delhi (BBN)- Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan, founder members of the Aam Aadmi Party, are set to be removed from the party’s top decision-making panel after their repeated attacks on Arvind Kejriwal.
Mr Kejriwal, Delhi’s Chief Minister, has decided to stay out of the AAP’s national executive committee meeting where the decision to remove Mr Yadav and Mr Bhushan from the Political Affairs Committee (PAC) is likely to be announced later today, reports NDTV.
“It is too late for any reconciliation,” a top party leader told NDTV, adding, “They will be removed from the PAC, not the party.”
AAP leaders accuse Mr Yadav and Mr Bhushan of conspiring to unseat Mr Kejriwal.
“If I have done something wrong, then disciplinary action should be taken,” Mr Yadav said.
AAP leader Navin Jaihind, who said he would propose the removal of the two leaders, told NDTV: “They have been involved in anti-party activities and are trying to divide the party everywhere.
Mr Kejriwal has been lenient.
Anyone else would have been sacked long back.”
Mr Kejriwal, 46, will fly to Bengaluru on Thursday for 10-day treatment at a naturopathy farm.
He has high blood sugar and coughing, say party sources, who add, however, that the AAP chief did not want to attend today’s meeting.
“I am deeply hurt and pained by what is going on in the party… I refuse to be drawn in this ugly battle,” Mr Kejriwal had tweeted on Tuesday, speaking for the first time on the meltdown weeks after AAP recorded a stunning win in the Delhi election.
The leadership battle was exposed by several internal notes flying between two camps.
Mr Bhushan told NDTV there has been a “breakdown of communication” between him and Mr Kejriwal and he has serious disagreements with how the party is functioning.
“There is a great danger of AAP becoming a one-man show,” he said and also alleged that Mr Kejriwal was ready to “compromise on the party’s core ideology” for the sake of electoral politics.
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