California, US (BBN)-YouTube is taking on Spotify, Deezer and Apple with a new music streaming app.
YouTube Music was first announced when the video-sharing site launched its premium YouTube Red subscription service in October, reports BBC.
Now launching in the US only, the app allows users to stream tracks and albums with or without video.
YouTube said the service would offer “a completely new type of experience”.

Free or paid
As with most streaming apps, YouTube Music will offer a limited free service.
Users will be able to listen to tracks and watch videos while online.
Those paying for a $9.99 (£6.56) per-month YouTube Red subscription will get what the company calls an “amplified” experience.
No adverts, the ability to listen offline and hear any video playing in the background whilst your phone is locked or you’re using other apps.

Yet another streaming app
If you want to stream music to your phone, there are already plenty of options.
Spotify is by far the most popular service available, with 75 million users worldwide.
Deezer, Rdio and Napster and Jay-Z’s Tidal are among the others available.
Recently Apple got in on the act with Apple Music and YouTube’s owner has its own streaming service already; Google Play Music.

YouTube’s big ideas
YouTube has been experimenting with different ways to improve its service.
Earlier this year, the company launched YouTube Music Key, which removed ads from videos and allowed people to listen to tracks in the background.
It also has its own gaming app which features videos from online gamers and live streams.

YouTube and the music industry
Despite it being many people’s go-to place to find and listen to music online, YouTube’s had a rocky relationship with the industry.
Artists and record companies have criticised it for allowing users to post copyrighted material without permission.
Over the years the company has tightened its rules and become more responsive to requests to have content removed,
In a blog post announcing YouTube Music, it said that YouTube and Google have paid more than $3 billion to the music industry.